William Tools Co., Ltd.


Ratchet handles, torque wrenches, digital adaptors

Since its establishment in 1999, William Tools Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to development and production of ratchet handles and torque wrenches as one of the best-recognized makers in Taiwan.

Starting out by making torque tools, the company has accumulated ample expertise to develop a number of ratchet handles, torque multipliers and torque wrenches. These are available in standard or customized specifications, with torque capacity and durability meeting or even exceeding ANSI, DIN and ISO standards.

With success attributable to commitment to customer service, the company claims that a number of foreign customers, including global heavyweights as Snap-On, FACOM, have benefitted from outsourcing to Taiwan in search for different products, and have placed OEM, ODM and JDM orders. Besides, the company also provides quality verification services to enhance customer’s operational efficiency.

Following years of research, the company has also developed several digital torque wrenches, which are integrated with miniature DC motors to provide complementary torsion. The company also offers Taiwan’s first homegrown digital torque adaptor that incorporates a beefed-up processor with high-speed computing capacity to assure precision and accuracy, with calibration data stored in the device and conveniently transmitted, via USB interface, to a computer for further analysis.