Wen Sheng Fu Co., Ltd.


Quarter-turn ball valves, special angle valves, ball valves, faucets, brass fitting

One of the firms contributing to the half-century development of Taiwan’s old faucet industry is Wen Sheng Fu Co., Ltd. , which was founded in 1987 in Lugang, a town in Taiwan’s central county of Changhua, and has been making valves and faucets ever since. Wen Sheng Fu has built up a good reputation among its peers and buyers alike.

The company’s current success is attributable partly to the use of its extensive know-how to develop and produce a variety of valves for different applications, and partly to its ability to handle OEM (original equipment manufacturing) orders to satisfy demanding customers from around the world.

Wen Sheng Fu’s product catalog currently encompasses a wide range of valves, including quarter-turn 3-way ball valves, special angle valves (CxC sweat O.D. compression), ball valves for washing machines, and saddle valves for ice makers, as well as drinking faucets, components for water purification equipment, showerhead arms, and other bathroom fittings for water heaters and water coolers. These products can be made to customer specifications.

A typical quality-driven Taiwanese manufacturer, the company insists on unparalleled safety and durability of its valves, and to this end has constantly improved its manufacturing and QC capabilities. These efforts have been well rewarded; Wen Sheng Fu now enjoys IAPMO, UPC and CSA certification, and is known as a top-end supplier in the line.

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