Chenfong Machinery Co., Ltd.


Hydraulic lifting platforms, container uploading platforms, universal hydraulic press brakes, transport carts, scissor lift

Since its inception in 1983, Chenfong Machinery Co., Ltd. has been working on hydraulic scissor-jack platforms, hydraulic presses, logistics equipment and related facilities as one of the best-known suppliers in Taiwan.

The company initially made automated hydraulic equipment, and then diversified into logistics facilities in cooperation with globally known partners at home and abroad in 1999. Setting a corporate milestone, the maker launched Taiwan’s first locally-made container loading platform, which can be a stationary scissor platform either pit mounted or set up where trucks or containers are parked, as well as being remote- controlled with loading capacity from 5 to 50 tonnes.

The supplier knows long-term pursuit of quality is the way to becoming a top-end supplier globally. To that end, the company started actively introducing ISO systems and Toyota’s 5S method in 1999 to improve quality and workplace management in its factory. The efforts have paid off with this maker being ISO-9001 certified in 2000 as Taiwan’s first among peers. Later on, the company produced automated facilities that have been CE certified since 2002.

The company’s product line covers lift tables (including single, double and triple-scissor models), dock levelers, double-scissor-type hydraulic lifting platforms, hydraulic lifting platforms with sliding tops, remote-controlled hydraulic lifting platforms, transport carts, container unloading platforms etc. All the products are marketed under its own Fleet brand, and sought-after worldwide for practicality, functionality and quality.

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