Chan Long Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Hand saws for various uses

Chan Long Enterprise Co. is a seasoned and specialized manufacturer of hand saws for different purposes.

The company’s saws feature unparalleled quality and durability, thanks mainly to unstinting R&D efforts. The blades are made of high-carbon steel with a surface hardness rated at HRC 52, and the teeth specially treated to give them a hardness rating of HRC 63—triple that of competing models.

To enhance utility, the company’s saw blades are chrome-coated to resist rust and reduce friction, with teeth specially designed for extra-sharp edges. Additionally, the saws all come with ergonomically shaped handles for comfortable grip and long-time use, and are available with various tooth designs.

Chan Long’s saws are widely used for cutting PVC pipes, bamboo, wooden boards, freight pallets, and construction mold boards, as well as in mountain climbing, bivouacking, garden pruning and trimming, woodworking, and interior decoration.

The company currently turns out 70,000 saws every month, 90% of which are exported worldwide, made popular by the firm’s strong commitment to competitive prices and rapid delivery. Backed by a maximum monthly capacity of 150,000 units, Chan Long is also capable of handling OEM (original equipment manufacturing) orders. To ensure consistent quality, the company has equipped its 3,600-square-meter factory with advanced manufacturing equipment developed in Germany and carries out strict quality control measures in line with international standards.

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