Para Mill Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


Double-sided milling machines, milling head units

Para Mill Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in the central Taiwan city of Taichung in 1986, and has developed into one of the island’s most experienced manufacturers of milling heads and large-sized complex machines for processing large molds. Its current product line encompasses NC double-sided milling machines, vertical/horizontal milling head units, heavy-duty horizontal milling machines, and deep-hole processing machines. The company follows the guiding principles of “diligence, honesty and reliability” and has never faltered in its efforts to improve product quality.

Para Mill has developed the NC double-sided milling machines since 1996. To meet the demand for large machines in the international market, the company has designed the NC double-sided milling machines, which have been widely applied to plastic and steel molds manufacture. This kind of milling machine has a cutting capacity of 75mm x 75mm to 1000mm x 1000mm with “one set-up for four sides” machining. It features heavy duty milling spindle, special one piece machine base with high grade cast iron and user friendly H.M.I. controller.

The milling machines are especially designed for mold base, hydraulic manifold and square or rectangular block machining.

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