Auto Parts

Longho Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.


Engine mounts, control arm bushings, radiator hoses, stabilizer links etc.

Founded in 1977, LONGHO has completely understood “ OE KNOW HOW” since 1992, and is now a leading maker of automotive rubber parts as engine mounts, control arm bushings, radiator hoses, stabilizer links, and other rubber items. The company claims to be a 20-year expert in developing and manufacturing original equipment (OE)-quality automotive parts and is able to effectively apply OE raw material formulas, technologies and assembly techniques, stressing its commitment to improving product quality and durability and delivering products to enhance safety, quietness, comfort and driving experience.

Longho has so far developed over 100 different raw-material formulas for manufacturing over 10,000 different rubber parts.

Rubber parts installed in engine bays, front/rear suspensions, shock absorbers and so on have specific requirements, Longho says, as engine mount noisy and vibration problem is most often heard in aftermarket because the steel and rubber was crack or loose in a short time due to most makers unable to know “OE KNOW HOW”.

Longho says that its control arm bushings feature high density for heavy-duty support during high-speed cornering and braking. The company uses “OE KNOW-HOW” and consistent manufacturing processes to produce durable bushings that also enhance control, coupled with maxi-mum breaking strength of 3,827 kgs and quiet operation.

The maker also produces high-performance engine mounts that are up to 90% to 95% of OE standards. LONGHO uses the latest “OE KNOW HOW” to produce a full range of stabilizer links. Longho is confident that buyers can find a complete product line under one roof, which helps build business more efficiently for global buyers.

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