Eastar Machine Tools Corp.


Slotting Machines, Machining Centers and Turning Lathe, Variety Metal processing machines, Sheet Metal Forming, Wire Forming Machines and peripheral machine accessories, Tools & Cutter.

Ever since its establishment in 1967, Easter Machine Tools Corp. has devoted its efforts to the production of a series of professional slotters.

After more than four decades of product development efforts, the company has become the brand leader of High Precision Slotting Machine in Taiwan and also dedicated in developing a couple of successful Industrial & Educational Machining Center and CNC Turning Lathe in 2009.

It has heightened its profile by engaging in the development of CNC education machines,

Today Eastar operates a modern 6,000-square-meter factory in Center of Taiwan, turning out a wide range of products by both manufacturing & trading for Slotting Machines, Machine Centers, Turning Lathes and all kind of machine tools, Sheet Metal Forming, Wire Forming Equipments as well as it’s peripheral Accessories, Tooling & Cutters……….All good quality products made in Taiwan.

In addition to manufacturing it’s own machines, Easter is also noted for providing efficient sourcing services for foreign buyers interested in other kinds of high-quality Taiwan-made machine tools and accessories. To help its customers procure machines at satisfactory prices and in a timely manner, the firm’s trading department runs an online shopping website (, which is updated regularly to provide easy access to a vast range of products including Variety Machine Accessories , Tooling , Cutters , Power or Hand tools , Measuring tools, and workshop equipment…etc.

Eastar’s well-trained QC staff also helps customers with pre-delivery inspections.

High-quality machines and timely, considerate services have built up a reputation for Eastar as a trustworthy business partner, and it invites companies from all over the world to join its network of partnerships.

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