May Shuay Technology Co., Ltd.


Spot, longitudinal seam welders, turning positioners, automatic, laser welders

Founded in 2001, May Shuay Technology Co., Ltd. is a burgeoning Taiwanese supplier of welders and peripheral equipment in the global market.

Since exporting its first welder to Southeast Asia in 2002, the company has swiftly tapped overseas markets in the Middle East, the U.S., Russia, Europe and Central and South America in the past decade, with such achievements attributable to concentration on demand for high-efficiency and labor-saving welders and turnkey automatic welding equipment.

The company has consistently upgraded production capabilities and manufacturing equipment, while employing advanced measuring instruments that are periodically calibrated and maintained to meet high-quality and high-precision standards. Furthermore, the company has also focused on R&D, taking advantage of state-of-the-art computer software coupled with seasoned engineers to develop new products to meet ever-changing market demands.

The hot-selling SW series coil joint welding machines is a product of the company’s superior technology and earnest devotion to R&D. With structural designs patented, the machine utilizes hydraulic dual blades and improved technologies to cut, weld and joint steel coils, and can be manually or hydraulically operated to clamp simple copper molds, which are automatically centered for accurate and fast operation.

Moreover, the machine is controlled by a precise motor to assure the welding gun moves steadily and precisely, and built with an inverter TIG (tungsten inert gas) welder for consistent weld quality, hence being suitable for making round and square tubes and roll-forming racks, and pressing silicon chips and electronic parts.

The company offers longitudinal seam welders, turning positioners, spot-welders, automatic welders, TIG series welders, CO2 welders, laser welders, ultra-precision mold padding machines, electrical ion plasma cutting machines, coil straightener shear end and seam welders.

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