Chain Tail Co., Ltd.


Permanent magnet brakes/hysteresis brakes and electromagnetic clutches & brakes

Founded in 1984 in Taichung, central Taiwan, Chain Tail Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing a variety of electromagnetic brakes and clutches.

The company mainly supplies standardized and made-to-order electromagnetic brakes and clutches, including permanent magnet brakes, hysteresis brakes, electromagnetic spring-applied brakes, miniature electromagnetic spring-applied brakes, electromagnetic clutch brake modules, electromagnetic friction clutches and brakes, miniature electromagnetic friction clutches and brakes, magnetic particle clutches and brakes, electrically released safety caliper brakes, electromagnetic multiple disc brakes etc.

Backed by advanced technologies and sophisticated R&D team, Chain Tail focuses on product innovation, allocates 10% of revenue for product innovation, and encourages technicians to concentrate on quality enhancement. The company also adopts materials featuring high permeability and low residual magnetism, top-quality brake lining of non-asbestos featuring high friction index and wear-resistance for improved durability.

Chain Tail offers at least 1,000 types of made-to-order products with torque range from 0.1~200Nm, also boasting economical, flexible solutions for customers to build profitability easily.

With ISO-9001:2000 certification and RoHS, CE and UL approvals, Chain Tail is clearly QC oriented and a world-standard supplier.

With three factories, 150 employees and capacity up to 60,000 units per month, the maker exports 70% of output globally including Europe, the U.S. and Japan, with 30% sold domestically under the “Chain Tail” brand, achieving annual revenue of US$12million.

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