Fu Yu Shan Machinery Works & Co., Ltd.


Plastic extrusion machines, plastic injection molding machines, plastic waste recycling and pelletizing machines

Fu Yu Shan Machinery Works & Co., which was founded in 1976 as Fu Li Shan Machinery Works, focuses on the development and production of various kinds of waste-plastic recycling machines at its 15,000-square-meter factory in the southern Taiwan city of Tainan.

The firm’s major product categories are plastic extrusion machines, plastic waste recycling and pelletizing machines, automatic extruding injection shoe-last-making machines, peripheral equipment, and plastic injection molding machines.

Specially designed screw rods allow these machines to melt and mix dry/wet plastic powder, film, thin sheets, and irregularly-shaped materials for extruding superior-quality pellets.

Using its specialized expertise in the design of pellet extruders, Fu Yu Shan also develops extruders for making PVC tubes and sheets as well as machinery to produce single/double bailing straps.

Thanks to its extrusion and injection molding know-how, the company has also developed shoe-last extruders and injectors capable of turning out 6 kilograms of shoe lasts with just a shaping mold in each production cycle, with 95% of the extruded products being free of air bubbles.

Also on Fu Yu Shan’s product list are heavy-duty, 1600-ton computerized injecting molding machines.

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