Chen Way Machinery Co., Ltd.


Continuous type blow molding machines, accumulator die head type blow molding machines, auxiliary equipment

Chen Way Machinery Co. was founded in 1990 and specializes in making blow molding machines and related auxiliary equipment, with a modern factory spread over 2,500 square meters in Tainan City, southern Taiwan.

The company’s product line includes accumulator die head blow molding machines, continuous extrusion type blow molding machines, three-layer jerry can continuous extrusion type blow molding machines, triple-cavity, twin-station blow molding machines, semi-automatic reheat stretching blow molding machines, and double die head/clamping continuous blow molding machines, among other machines.

A strong commitment to performance, quality, and pricing helps make Chen Way’s machines highly marketable all over the world, especially in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Egypt, and Russia. Most of the machines are used to produce a variety of plastic vessels, such as bottles and drum tanks, with capacities ranging from 20 ml to 220 liters.

The company pays close attention to the use of high-grade parts and components so that its machines will achieve production efficiency and ease of operation. For example, precision control systems for blow molding machines are sourced from a famous Italian supplier and fine motors from Taiwan’s Teco Electric & Machinery, fully satisfying clients’ demands for high-performance customized models

Chen Way also provides turnkey solutions and such customer services as installation and problem-solving, guaranteeing rapid delivery and differentiating itself from competitors in emerging countries.

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