Keylock Security Ltd.


Locks for computers, notebook PC, and related accessories ideal for safeguarding devices

Beginning in 1992, Keylock Security Ltd. is a dedicated supplier of notebook locks, computer locks, computer hardware, security solutions and accessories.

The company supplies a broad array of computer security locks, notebook locks, disc brake locks, PCs, floppy discs, electronic products, and related accessories as steel cables, security parts, pad locks, etc., as well as stainless chips for security slots, steel plates, coil, steel cable wires and fit cables.

This maker’s products are well received for easy installation and excellent protection of hosts, mice, monitors, USB sockets, printers, and other PC peripherals against theft.

For example, the company’s twin notebook lock coded 128 comprises two lock heads of 22mm in diameter, three keys and PVC coated steel cable to maximize protection of notebooks, projectors or LCD monitors. They are available with optional key designs and combinations to suit various applications.

This maker also offers, backed by ample production capability, molding service including metal punch molding, plastic injection molding and zinc alloy die casting. Talk to this maker about new product development and other joint ventures.

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