Marox Tools Industrial Co., Ltd.


Milling tools, turning tools, milling cutters, turning holders

Marox Tools Industrial Co. is a dedicated Taiwanese manufacturer of milling and turning tools with over three decades of the experience.

Ever since its inception in 1976, the company has worked constantly to strengthen its production technology in cooperation with large-sized partners in the U.S., Japan and Europe, and has introduced advanced CNC machining centers and other manufacturing facilities in its production lines. These efforts have enabled the company to upgrade its operations from OEM (original equipment manufacturing) to ODM (original design manufacturing), and to establish its own brand around the world.

Marox’s product line covers a wide variety of turning tools, boring bars, threading tools, grooving tools, parting tools, milling tools, face mills, side mills, end mills, shell end mills, and CNC cartridges, among other items, all made of high-grade steel alloys that feature improved thermal resistance and stronger structural durability along with competitive cost. The firm can supply products in more than 250 different specifications, and is capable of developing throw away models in line with market trends. Its newest product releases include, for instance, boring bars with carbide shanks, AX series cutting tools, mutiple edges cutters and parting off blades.

At the present time around 50% of Marox’s products are marketed under its own “Marox” brand, and 30% are sold to European, South American, and Southeast Asian markets on an OEM or ODM basis.

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