Shunde Corso Electronics Co., Ltd.


Light sources and controllers

Shunde Corso Electronics Co. was established in June 1993 in Foshan City, Guangdong Province by Hong Kong entrepreneurs. Today the ISO 9001-certified company employs 1,200 workers in two production facilities occupying a 25,000-square-meter site, one making light sources the other household-appliance controllers.

Shunde Corso itself handles everything from order management and product design to procurement, production, quality-control, training, and after-sales service, all based on international standards.

The company places heavy emphasis on top-notch technology and R&D, and has built up an R&D unit to handle light-source and household-appliance projects. Optimum use is made of internal and external resources to develop eco-friendly, energy-saving intelligent controllers and light sources; as a result of its efforts, Shunde Corso was named a “high-tech enterprise” by the Guangdong Provincial Government in 2007 and by the Chinese central government in 2009.

The firm’s light-source business division makes energy-saving lamps outfitted with electronic ballasts, T5 lamp fittings, LED lamps, and power switches. The division also turns out LED light fittings, ceiling lamps, desk lamps, and electronic ballasts.

Total monthly production includes two million energy-saving lamps of various types: 2U, 3U, spiral, dimming, low-voltage, and plug-in base energy-saving lamps. The company’s energy-saving lamps consume only 20% as much energy as incandescent bulbs.

Thanks to the use of advanced technology and top-class inspection equipment on its electronic-ballast production line, Shunde Corso has won numerous international certifications.

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