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Oil Seals, special seals, rings, rubber parts, and materials for machinery and automotive applications.

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Hogin Tech. Industries Co., Ltd.
Oil Seals, special seals, rings, rubber parts, and materials for machinery and automotive applications.

Hogin Tech. Industries Co., Ltd. is a veteran developer of various kinds of high-quality rubber parts and related materials. With an abundance of experience, know-how, and expertise in material development and finished-product manufacturing, the company is proud of its ability to offer a comprehensive range of rubber parts.
The firm follows this slogan, "Hogin customizes not only rubber parts, but also service." This assures its customers access to everything related to rubber parts covering all industrial sectors, from machinery and automotive producers to major automakers.
Hogin stresses that its fundamental strength is the ability to serve as an easy, steady, and comprehensive supply source, and to create new products at the most competitive cost in line with the business development of its customers. This means, always, a win-win situation.
Hogin claims that its core competitiveness lies in the best product quality, on-time delivery, constant product and material development, and honest communication with customers.
Hogin offers a wide range of products including oil seals (standard types and those designed for different car makes and models), special seals (bonded seals, valve stem seals, mechanical seals, etc.), rings (o-rings, quad-rings, v-rings, etc.), rubber parts (piston seals, rod seals, wiper seals, washers, vacuum cups, etc.), and materials (rubber and metal).
The company is confident that it is the best possible partner for customers wishing to engage in joint market development. It welcomes requests for more product and company information.

Contact info:
Address: 12F-2, No. 169, Nan-ping Rd., Taichung City, Taiwan 40255
Tel: 886-4-2265-2138
Fax: 886-4-2265-2846
Email: info@ho-gin.com
website: www.hogin.com.tw

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