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TPU rubber bands and elastic rings, earth friendly and sulfide-free, non-toxic rubber bands for dental use etc.

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Chein Mei Trade Co., Ltd.
TPU rubber bands and elastic rings, earth friendly and sulfide-free, non-toxic rubber bands for dental use etc.

Chein Mei Trade Co., Ltd. is a veteran Taiwanese company specializing in high-quality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) elastic products, including rubber bands, elastic rings, elastic cords etc. The firm obtained the ISO 9001 approval in October, 2010.

The company’s predecessor started out in 1985 by processing hair jewelry accessories in Taipei, and set up the Shang Ju hair accessories store in 1986, with its professional product quality widely recognized by customers and peers. In addition, Shang Ju had maintained good and stable partnerships with both up- and down-stream manufacturers.

In 1995, Shang Ju recognized a potential product category, the TPU special rubber-like elastic ring, an environmentally friendly product needed by a large number of domestic and foreign customers.

To promote such products and related services, Shang Ju set up Chein Mei Trade in 1997 to expand fashion jewelry accessories and TPU elastic ring import and export business. The firm insists on offering the best quality by importing special TPU resin material for being processed into its own TPU elastic rings.

Chein Mei claims that all of its products are fully tested and approved to be non-toxic and RoHS-compliant by SGS, EU regulation REACH. The TPU elastic rubber rings are green (earth friendly), can be decomposed, feature heat resistance, oil resistance, and freezing resistance, as well as being not sticky, anti-scaling, etc. In addition, the rings do not harm hairs or hurt sulfide-free electronic products, and are suitable for tying gifts, high-end electronic products, computer accessories and even food products.

With an aim to expand business in Europe, Chein Mei in 2010 set up a branch office in Malmo, Sweden.

In October 2014, Chein Mei successfully developed a rubber band with a diameter of 7mm (FM0701) specifically for dental use. The colorless, non-toxic, earth friendly and sulfide-free FM0701 rubber band rivals its Japanese counterparts in quality, but is much more competitive in price.

Contact info:
Company: CHEIN MEI TRADE CO., LTD. (Since 1985,Taipei )
Address: No. 150-3, Hoping W. Rd., Sec. 2, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan 10068
Tel: 886-2-2304-3108
Fax: 886-2-2304-3062
Email: cheinmei@gmail.com
website: www.cheinmei.se

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