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Welding machines, flash welder, seam welder, rounding machine, auto rotary welder table, peripheral equipment

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Welder Top Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.
Welding machines, flash welder, seam welder, rounding machine, auto rotary welder table, peripheral equipment

Founded in 2000, Welder Top Electric Machinery Co. specializes in the development and manufacturing of a wide array of welding and heating machines as well as peripheral equipment.

The firm claims that thanks to its strong in-house R&D capability, it has developed over 1,000 types of welding machines to meet the special requirements of its customers all over the world. It is also proud of its product quality, as well as its status as a superior supplier of high-level welding machines with advanced functions.

Welder Top’s product line encompasses pneumatic water-cooled spot welders, pneumatic butt welders, hydraulic flash welders, pneumatic T-type spot welders, pneumatic precision DC spot welders, H-type butt welders, pneumatic seam welders, double-column spot welders, multi-spot grid-board spot welders, pedal-operated spot welders, auto straight-line-welding tables, double-roller sheet rounding machines, horizontal auto rotary welding tables, vertical auto rotary welding tables, welding positioners, CNC auto welding tables, welding rollers, welding manipulator arms, heat-pipe welding equipment, and two-axial welding turntables with robotic arms.

The firm proudly reports that it has developed a series of energy-saving machines, and that it can provide custom-made energy-saving automated whole-line machinery that helps customers achieve high production efficiency.

The company is actively developing peripheral equipment bearing its own “Welder Top” brand to sharpen its competitive edge in the international marketplace. It can also handle OEM production for customers worldwide.

Welder Top is currently focusing its efforts on the development of specialized welding machines suitable for work with metal and special materials. Its products can be used to weld iron pipes, stainless steel water tanks, solar energy heat collectors, electric products, automobile oil tanks, wheel rims, filter nets, steel furniture, electronic products, tableware, and hardware.

Contact info:
Address: No. 68, Lane 1316, Wenhsin S. Rd., Tali Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 412
Tel: 886-4-2418-0380
Fax: 886-4-2418-0383
Email: welder.top@msa.hinet.net
website: www.welder-top.com.tw

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