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Ionizers & Safety Light Curtain Products

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Mactech Corporation
Ionizers & Safety Light Curtain Products

Established in 2000, the ISO 9001-certified Mactech Corporation started as a developer and manufacturer of liquid crystal display (LCD)-related production equipment, and has now expanded into a major player to supply high-tech equipment.

With abundant experience in optoelectronics, Mactech recently launched new products, including Mactech SLC Series safety light curtains and anti-static products (ionizers).

The thin-type safety light curtains have a detection range from 0.1 to 5m up to 9 meters and can detect objects with a minimum diameter of 25mm, with built-in IR optical lens to enhance focus and filter visible light to reduce interference purpose. And they can be adopted for wide applications, including on machinery equipment or in security systems. The safety light curtains are equipped with OSSD (Output Signal Switching Devices) with short-circuit protection, overload protection and anti-lock protection functions.
Mactech claims that the quality and functionality of its safety light curtain products parallel that of big international brands but are more competitively priced. Currently, the firm supplies 15 models.

The Ionizers are developed to eliminate static electricity at all production processes at factories.

Mactech claims that its Ionizers have the ion-balancing function, and can eliminate static electricity in 0.6 second. The ionizers have built-in abnormal discharge detection to protect machines and improve productivity.

Contact info:
Address: No. 89, Lane 36, Tanshin Rd., Sec. 2, Tanzi Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 427
Tel: 886-4-2537-8884
Fax: 886-4-2538-6691
Email: elec_marketing@mactech.com.tw
website: www.mactech.com.tw

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