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Address: No. 89, Bade 2nd Rd., Renwu Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 814

Tel: 886-7-373-7800

Fax: 886-7-373-7900

Email: jec@junen.com.tw

Website: www.junen.com.tw

Products & services:
Hy-rib Mesh Making Machine, Rib-lath Mesh Making Machine, Chain-linked Fen/CE Making Machine, Perforated Sheet Making Machine, Welded Mesh Making Machine, Barbed Wire Making Machine, Expanded Metal Making Machine, Concertin Rayor Tape Machines & Various kind of Metal Mesh, Recycling & Reproducing Equipment, Other Plastic Processing Machines, Polyurethane Foam Making Machines, Plastic Foam Making Machines, Automatic Cutting Machines, Mixers, Cutting Machines for Metalworking, Expanded Metal Meshes, General-use Expanded Metal Meshes, Angle Bead, Plastering Stop Bead and Hy-rib Meshes, Concertin Rayor Tape Machines & Variouski, Hexagonal Wire Netting M/C Concertina Barbed Tape Production Line, Expanded Metal M/C, Brickwork Reinforcing-Mesh M/C, Angle Bead and Plaster Stop Bead M/C, Perforated Metal Mesh-Making M/C, Chain Link Fence Making M/C, Barbed Wire Making M/C, Metal Mesh Machinery, Various Kinds of Metal Mesh Chain Link Fence, Concertina Barbed Tape & Conveyor Beltings, High Speed Expanded Metal Machine, Metal Meshes & Perforated Steel Sheets/Meshes, Plano-type Perforated Sheet Metal Machine, C-type Perforated Sheet Metal Machine, Twisted edge, Knuckle edge, Compact roll, Gabion Mesh, High-speed Barbed Wire Making Machine, Automatic Chain Link Fence Making Machine, Concertina Razor-barbed-wire Production Line, Heavy-duty Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine, Gabion Mesh-making Machine

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